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Calvin Yeo

Calvin Yeo is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP) holder. He is also the Managing Director of Calvary Wealth Consultants Pte Ltd where he currently practices wealth consulting and wealth education. For further information on services provided, please go to Wealth Consulting.

Calvin Yeo graduated with a Business Major in Finance and Accounting from University of Michigan Ross Business School and worked as an Investment Banker in Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) Mergers & Acquisitions in New York prior to returning to Singapore. During that time he was involved in analysing, structuring and executing mergers and acquisitions as well as leveraged buyouts (LBO) for both private equity firms and strategic acquirers with total deal sizes exceeding US$2 billion.

Calvin Yeo is also an avid investor in stocks, exchange traded funds (ETF), real estate and fixed income. He started Making Passive Income website as a means to educate people on wealth management and investing in a multi asset class portfolio. Calvin has been featured on Singapore Business Times and investment website NextInsight. Calvin is also featured on Central Provident Fund (CPF) Personal Finance Website IM$avvy where he contributes articles on wealth management and investments.

He started seriously investing in stocks and fixed income instruments in 2003 and started to focus on real estate investing and dividend investing for Passive Income in 2008. In 2011, he launched a website Making Passive Income (www.investinpassiveincome.com) on teaching people about the need for investing and proper wealth road map so as to achieve financial freedom. He has increased his total invested assets by more than fivefold and currently gets Passive Income from rental, dividends, interest and websites. He is very passionate about investing in Passive Income as it is the only way to achieve financial freedom; to have the time to spend with precious people and do the things that really matter to him.

The posts in this website are general and may not be applicable to everybody. For tailored and customized wealth management please contact Calvin Yeo at calvin@calvarywealth.com


The mission of Making Passive Income is to educate about wealth management and their journey to financial freedom by providing tools and advice on how to get there. I will primarily touch on investing in Passive Income Assets like 1) Real Estate 2) Dividend Stocks 3) Fixed Income 4) Exchange Traded Funds 5) Personal Development.

Please take note of the Disclaimer before you read on.